Tomcat MiniMag Series Floor Scrubbers

Designed and built to clean schools, malls, warehouses, hospitals or any application where extra cleaning performance is desired and durability is demanded. Comes standard with a class leading battery package for superior run time. Each platform is available with two different scrub heads and is designed to withstand the daily use of contract cleaning. With up to a 23" scrub path Tomcat offers more cleaning power and productivity than other machines. The disk deck is protected by a heavy steel guard and the brush is gimbal-mounted, which improves cleaning on uneven floors. The cylindrical machines have the added benefit of sweeping up debris while scrubbing, eliminating a need to dust mop, increasing productivity, and providing superior cleaning on grouted tiles. Tank Material: Poly 3/8" thick. Chassis Construction: 1/8" coated steel. 24 volt, 115AH battery, Up to 3.5 hour run time.